Freezer Recipes Perfect for Meal Prepping

If you’ve watched my recent video about meal prepping, you noticed that I am freezing a LOT of food. I’ve naturally fallen into a cycle of batch cooking foods on Sunday and freezing them in single servings. This is perfect for our crazy and on-the-go life. If we don’t have time for a home cooked family style meal, we’ll just grab a single serving of something from the freezer. Here are a couple of my favorite “go-to” freezer meals by other bloggers.


Chili >>

I omit the canola oil (and optional cheese) in this recipe, and vary the amounts of spices depending on my mood. Still, this is a great go-to recipe that is easy and freezes very, very well. Chili should be in everyone’s freezer; you never know when you’ll need a single serving for topping a baked potato or veggie dog.


Split Pea Soup >>

Sometimes I cook split peas on their own and freeze them (they are tasty head up with rice or millet). Other times I want a bit more flavor, and this split pea soup is not only delicious but also made in the slow cooker (tasty + freezable + easy = win!). Again, I omit the oil and it turns out just the same.



Red Curry Lentils >>

This recipe is perfection! Even when I leave out the coconut oil it still has a creamy, rich flavor from the coconut milk. Not to mention, the flavor gets better the longer the ingredients mingle, making it perfect for freezing and reheating.


Do you meal prep? What are your favorite freezer recipes? If you try any of these, be sure to let me know how it goes!