I'm Macie. I'm a Youtuber, a foodie, and mommy. I love to spend my time carefully crafting raw food dishes and styling them perfectly ... but also microwaving (vegan) chicken nuggets while my toddler impatiently screams. This page is a documentation of my search for balance, and a resource for fellow mommies or food lovers (or both!)

I stopped eating meat when I was 5 years old, and transitioned to veganism when I was 13. After growing up in Alabama, I moved to Southern California. Here, I attended graduate school and met my wonderful husband. We struggled to conceive because I have PCOS, but through diet and exercise I healed my body and was able to become pregnant in 2014. This year, we moved the whole family (my son Mercury, my husband Elliot, and my step daughter Zoee) from California to Las Vegas, NV. Miraculously, I was able to get pregnant again with PCOS and inthe summer of 2017 we added our newest addition - another son, named Apollo. Our life is complicated and messy, and if you find us on YouTube you can watch the chaos yourself.